Manufacturing a Custom Product and Private Label Merchandise

There’s nothing more frustrating than imagining the perfect product, scouring the internet for it, and coming up empty handed. When you have a particular item in mind, you probably have it down to the exact color, material, shape, and size. As you begin Googling, you realize what a daunting task it is hunting for your vision, yet anything less than perfect is just plain disappointing. This especially rings true when you’re searching for a particular item that matches your company’s brand message and style guide.

Companies spend countless hours fine-tuning their brand with the perfect strategy and design language, and the same scrutiny is required when designing private label merchandise. What good is a private label handbag if the color does not match when sitting beside the rest of the collection, the style does not appeal to the target audience, or the material is lacking in quality? Nine times out of ten, you may be able to find a bag that is close to what you are searching for, but it may be mission impossible to find one that fits all of your criteria. When it comes to a company’s brand, why settle for anything less than perfect? Why spend hours on end searching for a very specific product when you aren’t even sure it exists? The solution: create a signature custom manufactured product!

When you create a custom signature product that represents your brand, you are making a bold statement, and you need an item that your company will stand behind. The strength of a signature piece is the full alignment with your brand and brand strategy. Signature pieces are used for many purposes, including reselling, gift with purchase, promotional give away, events marketing (e.g., themed events), corporate gifts, and many more. For each purpose, the signature piece exudes quality, in other words, you didn’t opt for the more affordable, standard, stock bag. Signature products provide you the opportunity to be a visionary and create a signature, one-of-a-kind piece.

So what keeps people from creating a custom signature product for reselling, promotional giveaways, events marketing, corporate gifts, etc? After all, it may be the only way to guarantee a perfect match with your vision and your company’s brand strategy. The usual culprits are price, time limitations, and finding a reliable source. However, these 3 variables actually turn out to be myths instead of obstacles.

Overseas production can take 12+ weeks for production and shipping. It’s a misnomer that you cannot get great quality products at affordable prices right here in the states. Domestic factories, although less in numbers than overseas factories, still exist and production for custom signature pieces are not only affordable, but can be done within 4 weeks time frame. Check around before making the assumption that overseas production is the only way to go. Sometimes overseas is the best option, but be aware that custom manufacturing has become much more affordable in recent years and the quality of made in USA products are hard to beat.

Finally, when ordering large quantities of custom items, how can you be certain that you are working with a reliable manufacturer who understands your brand, your vision and will deliver the perfect product to you? Find a source who has a proven track record and quality check points throughout the process. Check out their portfolio. Find out who else has ordered custom signature products from them in the past to ensure their reputation is strong. Most solid companies will provide mock-ups, prototypes, samples, and swatches along the way so that you can be sure you will end up with exactly what you envisioned. If their process is easy and seamless, chances are that they have fulfilled many successful orders in the past and have lots of happy customers.