Portable Printer for Your Cars

People nowadays seem to be doing everything ‘on the go’ and it seems that time that used to be wasted traveling is now being taken advantage of. For most people, this involves catching up on email on the morning commute to work. But for others, it involves more serious work like typing a report or assignment while hunched over a laptop.

Still on the theme of doing work on a laptop, I’ll turn to the magical world of portable printers for cars. This type of device is revolutionary in the sense that it does not require power from the mains. It is a purely battery run and fully mobile printer that allows printing literally anywhere. Even planes.

It may not seem like any revolutionary device, but in the hands of the right people, it can be life changing. Now most of us actually need printing of information from time to time, but most people don’t need it enough to consider printing while on the train. But I can also personally say the same about email; it seems surprising to me that people feel the need to answer business-related emails on the train. But there you have it, we are in a fast paced business oriented world and lost time is lost money.

I’d take advantage of a businessman with one of these mobile printers, who needs to fix some contracts. He was on his way to a business meeting and he would be there in just 5 minutes, but while discussing the contract he noticed some serious mistakes. He quickly fixed it and managed to print out the document so no harm was done. Without that printer, he would look like an idiot telling a client that he was going to be late because he couldn’t afford to write a contract without errors. It annoys the client because he’s late, and seems incompetent – not the two things you want from someone writing something important!