Energy Saving LED Lamps

Energy Saving LED lamps are a fresh new alternative to traditional lamps. LED lighting provides many advantages over conventional incandescent lamps: Energy Saving LED lamps are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective. This smart, “green” option for outdoor or home LED lighting has emerged on the green stage due to recent advances in LED lighting technology.

In today’s market there are various kinds of energy-saving lamps, while led lamps are advanced technology and environmental protection. Data shows that LED lamps can save 80% energy compared to incandescent lamps, 50% energy saving compared to fluorescent lamps. LED lamps have advantages in energy saving and environmental protection, becoming a major development trend in the lighting field. LED lights have distinct advantages as follows:

1. Low voltage power supply, low power consumption: In general, the operating voltage of the LED lamp is 2—3.6V, the operating current is 0.02—0.03A. Meaning: power consumption does not exceed 0.1W;

2. Small size: LEDs are basically small chips encapsulated in epoxy resin;

3. Long life: Under proper current and voltage, life time is up to 100,000 hours, almost no maintenance. In addition, the LEDs are fully packaged by epoxy resin; it is more powerful than fluorescent lamps and tubes. There are no loose parts in the lightweight body, not easy to damage;

4. High brightness, low heat: Normal incandescent and halogen lamps are very cheap, but low luminous efficiency, wasting power due to thermal effects; LED as a lighting lamp, not only high luminous efficiency, almost no hot electricity due to cold light source.

5. Environmental protection: LED lights are made of non-toxic materials; unlike fluorescent lamps which contain mercury pollution; recyclable;

6. LED light also has no flash, applicability, high stability, short response time and other features.

Because LED technology and product attributes are different from traditional lamps, the existing safety standards for general lighting are clearly not applicable. Feel free to contact us for a reliable one-stop export LED light solution Now!