Furniture Manufacturing Technologies of Outdoor Wooden

Terrace furniture price category.

The presence of several price categories is one of the advantages of outdoor furniture made of wood. Expensive luxury grade made of hardwood and plywood. Such material is expensive, therefore it is used for the manufacture of furniture of the high price category. In addition, the surface of this furniture has more processing stages. The finished product, undoubtedly, is of very high quality, but at a relevant price.

The most common model of mid-priced bracket furniture. Wood is reborn due to the invention of new processing technologies. Most inexpensive outdoor furniture models are made of “pressed wood chips”. Using the maximum amount of the main ingredient is to preserve the consumption of natural wood. We have a large selection of shapes and colors on the market, thanks to this processing technology.

Extend the service life of the furniture.

The second processing stage is surface treatment. The surface of the wood is coated with lacquer and polished in several layers. Furniture varnishes are of natural origin. It is made according to an old recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Modern paints and coatings are based on years of research and dozens of scientific developments. Therefore, contemporary wood surface treatment technology prevents water absorption and drying in the sun.

Wood in combination with other materials.

Usually, outdoor furniture is made of several materials combined with wood, metal, and plastic. But the most common are wood, fabric and foam. A wooden frame, which provides functionality, and foam-filled fabric cushions. If you don’t use a blanket, you can easily hide the pillow in your home or in a special storage box. Make a simple conclusion: Do not limit your choices, wooden furniture can serve you for many years, even under the open sky. It combines the warmth of nature, the wisdom of woodworking traditions and modern technology.