Candle Manufacturing


Today candle forms a part of our life, in the sense they are used on almost every occasion either it is wedding, prayer, funeral etc. It will be right to say that candles symbolize our emotions. Due to its increasing demand on every occasion or event, it’s market has become competitive these days. Today many retailers and manufacturers are getting in the business of manufacturing candles.

It is seen that many manufacturers are producing different kind of candles that is newer look and with different exotic fragrance. Along with different flavors, they are also being manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Most popular shapes in candles are square, octagon etc.

There are varieties of candles in the market such as beach design, fruit candles, gel candles etc. In the present scenario, most of the manufacturers use organic and natural products in the process of manufacturing candles. And, this change in the process of manufacturing has resulted in a new market for candles. Not only it’s today that the manufacturers has started using natural wax for candles. Rather, it has been used since very long time, but it was on hold for few years. And again, it has taken its place in the market. Natural products which used in candles manufacturing are bees wax, whale fat, soy wax, palm blends, soy blends etc.

There are different kinds of candles which are manufactured such as church candles, floating candles, jelly candles, scented candles, outdoor candles, cube candles, glasses candles etc. Each of the candles is used for different purpose. Along that, it is available in different flavors which create a desired environment.

Due to such a wide market of candles, they are also manufactured in different colors. And these colors in candles symbolize different emotion and environment. Each color of candle being manufactured plays a crucial role in aromatherapy, that is, while feeling the aroma of different essential oils.

Candles are also manufactured with the use of different essential oils in it. In the sense, when the candles are burn, they releases aroma of the present essential oil in it.

Candles are regarded as very delicate, so they should be handled with care. In other words, they must not be stored in open and light area because in open area, it can loose its color and fragrance.

Thus, it is true that candles provide a ray in the darkness but along that, if it is used in aromatherapy, it also helps in maintaining good health and a positive life.