Products With DMAE Benefits


DMAE, and products with DMAE provide many benefits to you. This article will give you the facts about DMAE, explaining what is DMAE, why a blended DMAE supplement is more effective for you, and how DMAE can change your life and help you reach peak performance.

What is DMAE | Deanol?

DMAE is an organic compound similar to choline. (It is not a vitamin as it can be produced naturally within the body.) Chemically, it has two methyl groups so has the common chemical name dimethylaminoethanol. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) references it as 2-(Dimethylamino)ethanol. Its form is that of a clear liquid with a pale, yellow hue. In Europe, and elsewhere, DMAE is commonly referred to as ‘Deanol’.

Products with DMAE | supplement

Taking a DMAE supplement is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). However, discerning buyers should consider a few important facts:

  • DMAE supplements without other active ingredients
    Some DMAE supplements only have DMAE as the active ingredient. This typically means that the supplement either has too much DMAE – thus causing adverse effects (see below) – or too little DMAE to be effective.
    Further, and more importantly, is the fact that DMAE on its own is not sufficient to move towards peak performance as it cannot produce acetylcholine on its own. If you want greater personal development then the DMAE benefits you seek will really only come about when it is combined with other ingredients, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Tyrosine and B Vitamins. Such a blend of ingredients needs to be scientifically formulated by professionals.
  • Make sure the DMAE supplement is manufactured in a GMP environment
    Some DMAE supplements are not manufactured in a GMP environment. This should ring warning bells as such products may have contaminants and be of very poor quality. Make sure that any supplement you purchase is manufactured in an FDA regulated, GMP environment, as this helps to ensure that you get the highest quality DMAE supplement available.

16 DMAE benefits!

Here’s a quick list of DMAE benefits for you:

  1. It will give you clarity of thought
  2. You will probably have a greater sense of well-being
  3. You will have improved mental alertness
  4. You will have increased focus
  5. You will probably be more motivated
  6. It may benefit you if you’re experiencing cognitive decline
  7. It is widely believed to act as an anti-aging agent
  8. It has growing popularity as a dermatological application
  9. You will probably feel more energized
  10. You should have increased concentration
  11. It helps to de-stress the brain environment as it is also a free radical scavenger (FRS)
  12. It also acts as an anti-oxidant
  13. It complements other antioxidants and nutrients and, therefore, makes them more effective
  14. It is safe and non-addictive
  15. At least one scientific study (Miller, 1974) found that it resolved dyskinesia – L-DOPA induced abnormal movements – that is experienced with Parkinson’s disease
  16. If the right DMAE supplement is taken you should experience increased vigilance and attention

Unsupported claims about DMAE benefits

The following are some unsupported claims made about DMAE benefits. They’re listed here for you to consider but you should be aware that, to date, there isn’t any internationally recognized scientific research to back up the claims. That’s not to say that the claims aren’t true… but in the absence of ‘proof’, it’s sometimes better to be skeptical:

  1. Increases metabolism and therefore assists in weight loss
  2. Various people speak of the ‘thermogenic’ effect that DMAE has in the body. The argument is that DMAE benefits you by increasing metabolism, which in turn burns more fat, which in turn causes weight loss. This has yet to be proven. It’s worth considering that weight loss may well occur when taking DMAE, but if such is the case, it’s more likely to be a consequence of the other DMAE benefits that are internationally accepted as fact. For example, peak performance in athletics and bodybuilding can result when you improve concentration, and this has a natural affect of weight loss.

  3. Reduces hangovers!
  4. Okay… let’s just leave this one and move on…

  5. Less sleep needed due to quality of sleep when taking DMAE
  6. This claim is very difficult to either prove or disprove from a scientific point of view. Some people taking DMAE supplements may experience improved sleeping habits but it’s very difficult to prove that it’s directly attributable to DMAE. Quite often, if you want to change your life, or try to achieve peak performance, you become more motivated towards personal development in some form. When your quality of life changes for the better, as a result of this increased performance, then you frequently feel more energized and sleep less.

  7. Reduces chronic fatigue
  8. This is almost a dangerous claim. There’s no doubt that DMAE benefits can help in so many areas of your life, but nobody should expect a DMAE supplement to be a permanent remedy for chronic fatigue. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, then you should consult a medical doctor. Chronic fatigue can result for many different reasons, both physical and mental, and should be professionally assessed in case there’s a serious, underlying health concern. Sometimes if you change your life, i.e. change your lifestyle, then you can reduce chronic fatigue and improve your quality of life.

  9. Enhances dreaming (induces lucid dreaming)
  10. This is similar to the claim of you needing less sleep. Lucid dreaming – if it can be really measured – is very much open to interpretation. It may be considered a benefit but it’s a very difficult subject to nail down. You should let your own perspective guide you here – if you feel that lucid dreaming is a real concept and that it’s worth pursuing, then go for it! If not, there are plenty other benefits from taking a scientifically formulated DMAE supplement.

Known DMAE side effects

As the old expression goes ‘too much of anything is a bad thing’. DMAE is no different. On it’s own, and taken in excessive quantities, some people have experienced an uneasy, restless feeling; others have experienced muscle tension (particularly around the neck and upper shoulders); and others have experienced a poorer quality of sleep. It should be noted, however, that in all such reported instances the people involved had taken far too much DMAE and, where sleep disturbance resulted, the DMAE was taken in excessive quantities before going to bed. Even coffee lovers know not to consume 20 espressos before bedtime! Make sure that the supplement you take has the right quantities of DMAE, but in a scientifically formulated blend, particularly if you’re seeking one of the best body building supplements you can buy.

5 more facts about dimethylaminoethanol

  1. DMAE is known to reduce hyperactivity in children and is considered by many to be a natural alternative to Ritalin and Adderall. These claims are supported by Geller’s (1960) double blind study with fifty children
  2. We make trace amounts of DMAE in our brain
  3. High concentrations of it are found in certain oily fish foods, e.g. salmon, anchovies, sardines
  4. Taking a DMAE supplement with food will slow down the absorption rate
  5. DMAE is sometimes called the smartest of the smart foods

DMAE supplement | weight lifting supplements

A DMAE supplement can prove to be one of the best weight lifting supplements, or bodybuilding supplements generally. Because of its ability to help an athlete to increase their concentration and to stay focused, you can get more out the final 15 minutes in your hourly workout. Athletes know all too well how difficult it is to stay on track for the last 15 minutes. Your body is tired, your focus is slipping and there’s a fight to keep reaching your peak performance during this time. By simply doing one extra thing before you begin… by taking the right preworkout supplement… you’ll be able to get the most from your workout.

DMAE is also known to strengthen cell membranes, which could be concluded to improve muscles tone.

And for appearances… bodybuilders know that the appearance of their skin has a big effect on how their physique is judged. DMAE is also known to strengthen cell membranes (which improves muscle tone), to help promote taut skin and to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. Looking good!

DMAE mild cognitive impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is a very broad expression and relates to a number of different issues that can affect people’s cognitive (mental) capacities. DMAE has been the subject of much research in these areas and, depending on the areas being investigated, has provided generally positive results:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) – whilst there’s varying levels of cognitive decline in Alzheimer patients, DMAE should not be seen as an alternative for medically prescribed drugs. Indeed, Fisman’s study (1981) found no benefit to Alzheimer’s sufferers. However, in its earliest stages, DMAE may benefit those suffering from AD as it strengthens cell membranes and thus helps to prevent brain cellular loss. As well as this, there is frequently a low mood experienced by those with AD and DMAE can help counter these feelings due to its ability to help people feel more focused and energized.
  • Some mild cognitive impairment is actually caused by psychological, rather than physical, factors. Anxiety and depression, for example, can interfere with what would otherwise be healthy cognitive processes. Ferris (1977) examined 14 older patients who took DMAE over a four-week period. The results conclusively showed that 10 of these patients showed reduced levels of depression, less anxiety, increased motivation and what are generally described as positive behavioral changes. Whilst the other 4 patients didn’t show the positive results, there were no negative experiences reported by the study’s participants.
  • Problem solving and organization of activity have also been scientifically proven (re. Geller’s 1960 study) benefits from taking DMAE.

Which DMAE supplement to choose

Choose a premium quality brain food. Look for one that is scientifically formulated, so that it gives you the optimum blend of ingredients to gain the most from DMAE. The best DMAE supplement you can take will contain DMAE, vinpocetine, bacopa, ginkgo biloba and B vitamins (B5, B6, B12 and choline bitartrate)… not to mention many other brain-enhancing ingredients.

Choosing the right supplement can help you change your life as it will help you improve the quality of your life by helping you reach your peak performance.

Make sure it’s safe. Make sure it’s manufactured in an FDA regulated, GMP environment so that you are assured of the quality.

Invest wisely by first investing in you.

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