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Oxy Acetylene Torch – How to Use it Safely

Acetylene torch is one type of welding torch in which there are two substances, namely acetylene and oxygen. A mixture of these two substances can burn to about 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. This torch is very useful in the world of welding and can be easily obtained in the online market. You can get acetylene torch separately or as a whole by purchasing oxy acetylene torch kit. One kit usually includes a hose, goggles, regulator, and manual for cutting and brazing.

In the industrial field, this device is highly preferred because it is not only for welding but also for brazing, loosening rusty nuts and bolts. They are mostly used in production processes in manufacturing companies, aerospace, civil engineering, and others.

Acetylene torches contain two types of flames; one for cutting and the other for welding. For the purpose of welding, it is called oxy-fuel welding where the work process takes two metals and welds them together using a torch. The results of this weld will hold strong because the metal is heated to the melting point. Acetylene torches are also used in cutting; where a torch heats the metal until the oxygen vaporizes and creates an oxide slag.

Oxy acetylene torch kit provides many benefits for the industrial world. However, it is useless if the welder is not an expert in the use of oxy acetylene torches often underestimates basic safety guidelines and does not understand safety principles. There are some basic safety principles that oxy acetylene welders must apply such as: First; tightly seal the high-pressure oxygen cylinder when not in use and don’t let it fall. Second; never transport or store cylinders in closed places. Ask a colleague for help if you want to lift the cylinder. Third; never use oil on any part of the equipment. The combination of oil with pure oxygen can ignite easily.

Welders can make a lot of things happen with oxy acetylene torch kit. They can weld stainless steel, weld chrome pipes, braze AC line sets, solder copper water pipes, even heat and bend metal thicker than 1 inch. However, oxy-fuel torches can be very dangerous if not used properly. Welders must receive special education and training in welding, cutting, heating, and brazing with oxy fuels. Welding companies must ensure all welders have welding certificates.

Fourth; always open the oxygen cylinder very slowly. Opening it quickly is very dangerous as it can cause the regulator to explode. Fifth; let the acetylene cylinder stand upright for a while before use. Sixth; always exhaust the gas and return the adjusting screw after using the torch. And seventh; immediately replace the damaged equipment; always use the best oxy acetylene torch kit. Perhaps choosing the right torch kit can be a difficult task. But you don’t have to worry because many manufacturers have presented the best options on the market. If you are in the market for the first time, then a review of oxy acetylene torch kit will be great help in choosing the right model for your needs.